Business address service an alternative to leasing

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- Michael Aldridge, August 10th, 2011

For Immediate Release...August 10th, 2011

Business address service an alternative to leasing

Business address service is a great way to maintain a professional office address without the expense of actually renting space. Many people use mail box drop locations, but most savvy consumers want to know if you actually have a business location not just a "hole in the wall" at a mail service company on a busy corner. Always consider using Simple Suites "Business address service" as the #1 alternative to a corner mail box company. We offer business address services from $25 per month. 

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Michael Aldridge is a Phoenix based entrepenuer that helps other business owners save time and money. Michael heads a few different companies: Simple Suites - offering executive suite space, virtual office and business address services. He also owns Copperstate Lending a full service mortgage brokerage as well as SEO Web Partner specializing in search engine optimization driving qualified traffic to your business.