Enjoy the Best Second Hand Cars for Sale in Kolkata

If you always wanted a car but couldn’t afford it because of the high costs as well as a measly budget, well, NOW you can! With Vaishno Motors, used cars in Kolkata come cheap and are the best!
- Vaishno Motors, July 12th, 2012

For Immediate Release...July 12th, 2012

Enjoy the Best Second Hand Cars for Sale in Kolkata

For those looking for the best of cars in Kolkata but do not really have the budgets to suit a brand new car, well, you can get the closest to your dream with the best used car sale in Kolkata today!
Vaishno Motors, in Kolkata, offers the best of second hand cars for sale in the city – with most priced within your reach. The only worry for buyers like YOU is whether the quality and overall performance have deteriorated with usage – but most of the old cars for sale in Kolkata offer unmatched quality and performance parameters.  

Most of the second hand cars for sale in Kolkata at Vaishno Motors can offer a performance engagement status as good as the brand new cars at double the price tags associated with the former – which is what makes this firm so popular among buyers in the city and elsewhere!       

As Mr. Nikhil Philips, a stock broker in the City of Joy quotes, “I am not a permanent resident here and wanted a used car to move around at will. And Vaishno Motors has provided me with a much better solution with this used Skoda Fabia than I had expected!”  

To know more about the services offered by Vaishno Motors, CALL us on + 91 33 24417777 or +91 9831-820-503. You can also send in an email at info@Vaishnomotors.com

About Vaishno Motors

Vaishno Motors is the largest pre-owned car shop in Kolkata, established 14 years back in 1998. With a wide range of used cars on sale in Kolkata as well as affordable price tags and a rock solid reputation amongst car owners, buyers and drivers in the city, the new online version of the this brand is only getting more popular by the day!

Contact Information:

3/8, Raj Krishna Chatterjee Road
Kolkata, West Bengal.
PIN: 700042
PHONE/FAX: + 91 33 24417777
Website: http://www.vaishnomotors.com  


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