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With un-roadworthy vehicles accounting for 80% of all road accidents each year in South Africa, it's time to make sure you are driving a roadworthy car!
- Car Rental South Africa, December 20th, 2010

For Immediate Release...December 20th, 2010

The Importance Of Having A Roadworthy Vehicle - Car Rental South Africa

At this festive time of year we all like to have a good time and enjoy ourselves on holiday with our families. This often means driving to reach our holiday destinations and with more people on holiday and more vehicles on the road it is also the time of year that the most road accidents occur.

The necessity of ensuring that the vehicle you are driving is roadworthy becomes important, especially if you are planning on driving a long distance. Studies in South Africa have shown that up to 80% of road vehicle accidents in South Africa are caused by vehicles that are legally not allowed to be on the roads.

This fact has recently been highlighted by information in a dossier that was given to the Minister of Transport from sources in the National Vehicle Testing Association and National Traffic Information System (eNatis). The dossier points to evidence that many vehicles on the road in South Africa have been issued with roadworthy certificates that are fraudulent. Though the vehicles may have officially “passed” their roadworthiness they should, in fact, definitely not be on the road.

Vehicles that have been failed by one roadworthiness testing centre are reported as having been issued with their certificates by testing centers in other areas on the very same day. Other vehicles that were reported as having very serious issues when initially tested, were passed the very next day, with the problems having been ‘resolved’.

The cost to have these fraudulent roadworthy certificates issued is a mere R1000 (approximately $140 US), allowing the drivers of these unsafe vehicles to ‘legally’ get back on the road. This information coming to light during the busiest time of year on the road illustrates the necessity of drivers to not only be sure their own vehicles are fit to be on the road, but to be especially vigilant of other drivers and their vehicles.

As a result of the information in this dossier at least seven testing stations in the province of Kwazulu-Natal have been already closed, numerous test officers have been deregistered as well a number being imprisoned for issuing fraudulent certificates.

The December and January holiday period is the busiest and most dangerous time of the year to be on the road in South Africa and having a roadworthy vehicle is essential to help ensure you have a safe journey. Before setting out on any long driving trip take the time to check your vehicle and, if necessary, have the required work done to bring your vehicle up to roadworthy condition. Should you need to take your vehicle for roadworthy testing, or have mechanical or electrical work done be sure to use a reputable vendor of services. Contact your local branch of the Automobile Association for a recommendation if you are not sure.

Having a roadworthy vehicle is a necessity, not just over the festive season but at all times of the year. Mechanical failures can cause very serious accidents, such as brakes failing and even the smallest thing like a faulty indicator light can be incredibly hazardous if you are planning on travelling at night. Whilst taking the time to ensure you vehicle is roadworthy before your holiday drive may seem like a chore it is an important and essential process that every driver should undertake.

This recent information coming to light illustrates not only the importance of ensuring your own vehicle is safe to drive, but also the necessity of being vigilant and aware of other road users at all times. Staying safe on the road may require a bit more effort and possibly expense but will help to ensure that you, your passengers and other road users remain accident free!

Drive safely this holiday season and have a wonderful time - from Car Rental South Africa

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