G. Russ Images Launches New Austin Photographer Website

With the launch of their website you can now easily get started with a trusted Austin Photographer! Call them today! 512-478-4478
- G. Russ Images, September 24th, 2010

For Immediate Release...September 24th, 2010

G. Russ Images Launches New Austin Photographer Website

With over 28 years in business, G. Russ Images is the clear choice for those seeking the best in commercial photography. They produce stellar, award winning photographs while striving to make life-long clients.

Accessible and Unique Photographers

What sets them apart from other architectural photographers, aside from their master craftsmanship? They take their show on the road. Their grip trailer ensures that they arrive with every tool needed to meet any logistical challenge. And with their decades of experience they can work quickly and unobtrusively, saving their client money and down time.

They get a lot of compliments on their work - and many questions about how they get their unique look. I can answer this way: There is no one thing they do that creates their “look”. It is a blend of finding the best perspective, choosing the right lens, using the appropriate color temperature of light, using the right light head and the proper light shaping tools. And in many cases they will shoot 6 to 10 images of each scene. Once the images are captured they will spend another day compositing, retouching, color correcting, level tweaking and sharpening.

Equipped For All Projects

Centrally located in Austin, Texas, they can be anywhere the next day. Taking their show on the road ensures they have everything they need when they get to their location. Their palette is extensive: Tungsten, HMI and Strobe lights are all on board. They do a walk-through with the client, assess the environment and begin to paint with the appropriate light. Their style is to light without the viewer knowing the source.

They’re shooting custom and production homes, hotels and resorts, commercial buildings, retail stores, furnishings and more…inside and out. And if you need to populate your properties with people they can do that, too.

They Strive For Perfection

Also, they expertly work the images in post production to help with details that couldn’t be tended to on the shoot: Dead grass, broken roof tiles, burned out sign letters… You get the picture. Again, they want their retouching stroke to be effective but discreet. And then they deliver beautiful hi-resolution images, web size jpegs and contact sheets on disk. They archive them for you, too.

They are a low-key, low maintenance, hard working team. They are respectful and carefully operate in every environment. They are up early and shoot late, following the low horizon sun. They’re appropriately insured and uniquely prepared. I know you will appreciate their professional execution and their easy going manner. And if they shoot your project you can be sure they’ll do it right and make it beautiful. No worries!

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