Pure Dental Spa Combines Spa Treatment with Dental Care

Pure Dental Spa is pleased to announce their unique blend of services, which combines spa-level care with various forms of dental treatment
- Pure Dental Spa, October 26th, 2018

For Immediate Release...October 26th, 2018

Chicago, Illinois: Pure Dental Spa is pleased to announce their unique blend of services, which combines spa-level care with various forms of dental treatment, to residents throughout the Chicago area and its surrounding communities. The company has two offices: one in the Bloomingdale area and one in the West Loop area. Its services include both basic dental care, as well as various types of cosmetic procedures. Patients can specifically turn to Pure Dental Spa for care within the realm of orthodontics, dental implants, endodontics, veneers, wisdom teeth removal, whitening, crowns, oral surgery and more.

Pure Dental Spa’s care techniques stem from their desire to offer patients the best possible care, no matter the extent of the procedures they need. Upon visiting the center, patients can expect to receive thorough treatment. They will meet with a professional who can help them take the next steps in terms of receiving the care they need to assuage their oral discomfort, as well as any other issues. Should a patient need dental replacements, such as crowns or dentures, they can rely on Pure Dental Spa’s care team to craft custom-fit fixtures within their labs. Pure Dental Spa has carefully crafted their services to thoroughly meet their patients’ needs in a comfortable environment.

Anyone interested in learning more about Pure Dental Spa and their services can get in touch by calling 312-982-0585 or visiting their website.

About Pure Dental Spa: The Pure Dental Spa team fully understands how anxiety-inducing the dental care experience can be. This is why they prioritize patient comfort and care first and foremost. They pride themselves on the extent and quality of their services, which includes in-house crafting of dental fixtures and a wide array of cosmetic and maintenance procedures.

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