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- Designs by Mark, July 12th, 2011

For Immediate Release...July 12th, 2011

Favorite Design Items and Ideas from Mark Oser Written by Tracey BlueProducts Designers Heart, Things I LoveJun 6, 2010 When I asked Mark Osser if he’d share with us his five favorite design items, I wasn’t quite prepared for the response I got. Not only did I get a generous stack of absolutely stunning, drop-dead, root-you-to-the-ground images of his designs, they were of his own home! Winner of several ASID design awards as well as Luxury Homes Magazine’s ‘Best of the Best for Home Theater and Lighting design’, Mark is clearly not shy of the spot light or should I say, of any light . If anything, he is very much about ‘lighting’. “Lighting, lighting and more lighting” “Various types of lighting, preferably halogen or led. Go with a multitude of different types for different tasks” he says. “Up lighting, down lighting, cove lighting and artwork lighting are all great sources for light. You almost can’t get enough lighting. Good lighting creates drama and excitement. One might need extra excitement in the bedroom, if you know what I mean” he cheekily continues, casually adding, “By the way, I was not referring to myself, of course”. So apart from lighting, what does this designer from Philadelphia rank as his five top decor items? Glass and Stainless steel “The materials that are used are extremely important in any space. My personal style is modern. I like to use a ton of glass and stainless steel. I used these on my staircase, doors, walls and furniture. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. It can be very cool and makes a room go from ordinary to extraordinary”. Plush fabrics for seating “Sophisticated, clean lines and plush fabrics are a must. This draws you in while creating a sense of comfort. I always try to position my seating on an angular axis or even a curved orientation. This creates movement in a room which in turn creates interest. I then design the room in juxtaposition with the furniture”. Artwork and accessories “This will give your space interest. Artwork displays the homeowner’s style. It’s very personal. Go with a combination of accessories – paintings, photographs, sculptures and interest artifacts. Art says a lot about your space, about who you are and what you like.” The same color palette for open planned rooms “Your home needs to flow from one room to another. When rooms are open to each other, you need to continue the same color palette. However, any room that is dedicated or behind a door is fair game. You can do what you like.” Well, there really isn’t much more I can add to that, now is there? When you think that all that you see here is part of Mark’s home, it makes you wonder what you could do in yours, doesn’t it? Mark, we at LushDigs want to say a big ‘Thank You’ for treating us so lavishly to your ideas and images! Readers, if you want to contact Mark, you’ll find him at www.designsbymarkinc.com

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