Bill Constain, CEO of Preservation of Wealth speaks on national radio show

Bill Constain, CEO of Preservation of Wealth was featured by the well known Dr. Keith Laggos on the April 14th Howard Keating Show to explain the value of building a profitable network marketing business and net worth with silver and gold.
- Mlm success Coach Joe Cohen, May 26th, 2011

For Immediate Release...May 26th, 2011

Bill Constain, CEO of  Preservation of Wealth speaks on national radio show

Howard Keating, founder of the largest small and medium business contractual portal providing businesses access to $350 billion in global contracts, has been involved with over 25 start up companies within the national and international business communities. Mr. Keating specializes in launching fast growth opportunities and managing them to profitability.

Dr. Laggos, founder and editor of Network Marketing Business Journal, provided some tips about launching a profitable network marketing business before interviewing Mr. Constain about the value of investing in silver and gold and what makes Preservation of Wealth a unique business opportunity.

Bill Constain, the former President of Strategic Wealth Network who has trained over 5,000 financial advisors across the nation, explained the importance of owning a home based business and having a diversified investment portfolio consisting of precious metals. He also mentioned that Warren Buffet, the third wealthiest man in the world, had owned a very profitable network marketing company and currently owns the largest privately held silver mine in the world.

“Preservation of Wealth provides an opportunity for anyone to preserve and protect their buying power by acquiring silver and gold while creating an unlimited income potential,” says Mr. Constain.

Building net worth, according to Mr. Constain, could be achieved through the Preservation of Wealth business opportunity as it provides a model to save money through the benefits program while earning residual income for the purpose of building legacy wealth.

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