Preservation of Wealth Introduces New Monthly Option and POW Leaders Program

Preservation of Wealth introduces new monthly option & new Leaders Program for their 2nd year launch
- Bill Constain, CEO Preservation of Wealth, June 1st, 2011

For Immediate Release...June 1st, 2011

Preservation of Wealth Introduces New Monthly Option and POW Leaders Program

Preservation of Wealth (POW) has planned their national launch on their two year anniversary in July. This allows the advantage of joining a company at its launch that has already proven itself.


POW goes beyond what most network marketing companies do for their affiliates and customers. All network marketing programs provide an opportunity to earn income. Some companies also help you save money. POW does both of those better and helps you to change your paradigm by helping to be wealth too, says Bill Constain, POW’s CEO.


POW offers two benefit programs that help you save money on most services you use including the ability to purchase silver and gold at almost dealer’s costs. Then offer a record setting compensation plan that allows you to be in profit with as little as 3 sales or even just two sales and helping them to get two sales each. POW also has an industry high 75% cap payout in their binary compensation structure and much more.


Between the savings and income generated, POW allows you to build wealth by generating the funds to acquire silver and gold coins and bullion, especially at almost dealer’s costs. Income alone does not necessarily do that. Most people that earn higher incomes often end up with higher debt and little or no real net wealth. Silver and gold has consistently proven to out perform real estate, stocks and all banking instruments. During high inflation or hyper inflation, precious metals may be the only investment to maintain value and even increase in value. Now POW has made it easier to start.


New monthly program

Beginners can now start with an affordable monthly program for the benefit program and an affordable optional monthly alto-ship coin program that allows you to start building your coin collection and wealth each month. Bill Constain says, “No more filling your garage or purchasing products that have little or no future value”. Over the last decade, gold and silver both increased in value by more than 400%!

 New leaders program

POW is offering proven leaders that perform super advancements in rank, additional bonuses and other considerations. Bill Constain says he is anxious to talk to you. So don’t miss POW’s 2 year national launch.

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Bill Constain is a MLM Success coach, and industry veteran and million dollar earner.  Bill Constain is the CEO of the #1 Silver and Gold wholesale club Preservations of Wealth.


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