Shuttle Express Selects Wallick & Volk to Provide Benefit

Wallick & Volk Mortgage Bank is pleased to announce they will be providing Shuttle Express with HomeBenefitIQ, a voluntary mortgage and real estate benefit program for their employees.
- Wallick & Volk Mortgage Bank Jeff McGinnis, January 10th, 2012

For Immediate Release...January 10th, 2012

Shuttle Express Selects Wallick & Volk to Provide Benefit

Seattle, WA  — Shuttle Express  has bolstered the employee benefit package it offers its employees by partnering with Wallick & Volk Mortgage Bank to provide an innovative new program.   

 The new program for Shuttle Express employees is called HomeBenefitIQ, which offers employees access to customized mortgage and real estate programs available specifically for the faculty and staff of Shuttle Express .  The program offers on site educational programs, financial wellness initiatives, exclusive member privilege discounts, and savings on home related services.

 HomeBenefitIQ is a complete turnkey voluntary employee benefit solution.  Through HomeBenefitIQ Wallick & Volk has set up a personalized secure web site.  Shuttle Express employees are provided password protected access to the site.  In the site employees will find access to educational videos, information on their member privilege discounts, and contact information for how to redeem their discounts and advice.

 The move helps Shuttle Express  improve its employee benefits package without incurring any additional cost, while offering employees an outstanding service that can benefit them by saving them both time and money.

 “We’re pleased to be able to partner with Shuttle Express and assist its employees through the HomeBenefitIQ program,” said Jeff McGinnis, Corporate Benefit Director of Wallick & Volk Mortgage Bank. “Shuttle Express employees will enjoy access to a tremendous customized real estate program, one that will serve as a great addition to their employee benefit package.”

 Wallick & Volk Mortgage Bank provides the employees with a complete FHA, VA, USDA, conventional, jumbo, mortgage and real estate program that also includes hand-selected professional partners that are tops in their field of expertise with a focus on outstanding customer service thus helping employees achieve their mortgage/real estate and financial goals.

 For more information on the HomeBenefitIQ program, please call Jeff McGinnis with Wallick & Volk Mortgage Bank at (206) 283-5626

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