VoxECall now under Exabar Telecom

Exabar LLC restructured its company and is now known as Exabar Telecom. This change took place in May of 2012.
- Exabar Telecom, August 7th, 2012

For Immediate Release...August 7th, 2012

VoxECall now under Exabar Telecom

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Austin tx,Texas,United States of America August  7, 2012 --

Over the past year we have seen many different companies restructure and prioritize products and services.  Exabar LLC was a perfect example of this type of change.  Earlier this year, Exabar LLC has changed its name to Exabar Telecom and offers some of the products that its predecessor did however they expounded into more refined products offering their customer better product selection that reflects the customers’ needs.  Exabar Telecom which is an Austin, Texas based company now offers business class VoIP Communication Solutions from VoxECall Lite which is for residential use, all the way to VoxECall Enterprise which is their flagship product and is targeted for medium business’s looking to receive Fortune 500 communication solutions for a fraction of the cost of traditional phone systems.  Exabar Telecom also offers a new service targeting companies that have or need call center services; it is also under the VoxECall product line but known as VoxECall Call Center Edition.  Although the company has undergone some new changes as well as refinement, Exabar Telecom continues to offer unrivaled reliability and service that has the telecommunication industry praising this upcoming company.

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