Chicago Canine Academy to Host Free Group Training

Chicago Canine Academy is happy to publicize their free upcoming group dog training on February 16, 2019.
- Chicago Canine Academy, February 14th, 2019

For Immediate Release...February 14th, 2019

Chicago Canine Academy to Host Free Group Training

Chicago, IL: Chicago Canine Academy is happy to publicize their free upcoming group dog training on February 16, 2019, at their facility, located at 4934 West Belmont Avenue. This free group dog class is open to the first 25 dogs and their owners. This class is a great introductory course for anyone who is interested in dog training.

Chicago Canine Academy takes pride in providing the best dog training in the Chicago area. They offer a comfortable location to work with dogs on obedience and training. This is a great opportunity to explore the facilities, understand the training offered and meet the trainers. Chicago Canine Academy works with all dogs, from big to small. The training includes understanding many of the behavioral issues presented by dogs and how exercise and structure can correct many problems.

Chicago Canine Academy helps owners understand dogs need adequate physical activity and many of the destructive behaviors, barking, pacing and aggressiveness stem from a lack of exercise. It’s critical to make sure a dog is trained correctly in order to ensure safety during physical exercise. With this training, dogs are completely reliable and well-mannered in every situation.

Anyone interested in learning about this free group training can find out more by visiting the Chicago Canine Academy website or by calling 773-655-0219.

About Chicago Canine Academy: Chicago Canine Academy is a full-service dog training facility. Training is customized for each dog and structured to ensure the owner and handler is always perceived as strong, ensuring the dog feels safe. Chicago Canine Academy only uses reprimands for correction. At the same time, they are firm believers in plenty of fun, personal praise. The training not only works with the dogs, but also teaches the owner how to have a positive and effective energy. Chicago Canine Academy is the perfect training option for any dog from puppy to full-grown dog.

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